Ella Beast : December 2005

Sporty Ella!


Ella has a rebounding technique! Nice Bill said so!

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Ella on the assist!

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Ella (accompanied by her pal Casey) demonstrates her rebounding technique:

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Twelve months of Ella

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Our close friend [info]ellapup has a 2006 calendar for sale. Check it out, and maybe pick up a copy and help her feel a little better about herself.

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Ella-Vation 2006 12-Month Calendar
Ella is a calendar girl! Ella has a 2006 calendar for sale! Nice Laura and Nice Bill made it for Ella! Yay!

Click on the picture and buy one! Buy one! Why? Because Ella can't be with you all year long any other way!

(Ella says click here for a bigger calendar preview.)

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Ella's Friends' Books!

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