To Ella

I dreamed of you last night but it wasn’t you it was another dog who looked just like you but I was only borrowing her at the whim of some unseen and uncaring entity sometimes the dog was there and...  read

Just resting

Dead squirrel lies prone, Chin resting on its two paws. Looks like it's sleeping. Crossposted from Inhuman Swill  read

Memory Lane

She strains at the leash, Trying to turn the corner. "Not that way," I say. But Ella insists, So I give in and follow. Not that big a deal. This short, narrow lane, It's a valid path back home, Not...  read

For Ella, on her ninth birthday

How can you live with a dog, with its lifespan of ten to fifteen years, and not realize how quickly the clock is ticking? Crossposted from Inhuman Swill  read

Infidel dog

This morning, with a high of seventy degrees in the forecast, amazing for a November in Chicago, I drove the dog to Warren Park. That's where we go for a special treat instead of our usual neighborhood walk, because the...  read

Almost fall

Squirrels chasing each Other up and around trees Like on Benny Hill Crossposted from Inhuman Swill  read

Dogwalker's algorithm

if       poop then       scoop Crossposted from Inhuman Swill  read

Beware of dog

Earlier from the second-story deck I caught a glimpse of the gate slamming shut as Ella chased someone out of the yard. Her wild barking was what had summoned me. The thunk of something landing solidly on the wooden deck...  read


Let me tell you a story. This morning I was out walking the dog, who, honestly, can be a grouchy pain in the ass. But today she was pretty good. It was clear and cold, being October, and we had...  read


sleeping puppy feet pressed against my human toes twitch in doggish dreams Crossposted from Inhuman Swill  read