Twelve years of Ella

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It was twelve years ago today that I posted my first-ever blog entry about Ella. I hadn't met her yet. I was traveling on the West Coast. Laura was visiting her parents outside of Chicago. The neighbors asked if she would adopt their puppy. She said yes. History was made.

Laura flew Ella home to New York, and I didn't meet her until I arrived home a couple of days later. It was love at first sight, of course. This is the first photograph of Ella I ever took:

Ella the Wonder Dog, April 2004, 6 months old

We've had plenty of ups and downs over the years—health issues, food allergies, several moves, dog attacks, bouts of fearfulness, surgeries, and, worst of all, burs—but through it all, Ella has remained a sweet, lovable, adventurous, bouncy, curious, intelligent, regal, goofy, strong-willed but good-hearted dog.

She's slowed down a little, but she's still in good health, and she'll still give a squirrel a run for its money. Here she is now, at age 12, in a photo taken by her dogwalker:

Ella the Wonder Dog, December 2015, 12 years old

It's no exaggeration to say that Ella changed our lives. And since I'm now 48, she's been with us now for a quarter of my life. I look forward to her next 12 years. (I know, I know, shut up, I'm not listening!)

I love you, pup.

In celebration of our doggiversary, here is a playlist of some of our favorite Ella videos:

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